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Emily Skarbek: August 2016

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Community Response to Crises

Emily Skarbek
Frank Conway interviewed me over at Economic Rockstar about my work on community responses to Hurricane Katrina and historical natural disasters like the Chicago Fire of 1871. We discuss some of the literature on why states often fail to provide... MORE

Equilibrium and Foresight

Austrian Economics
Emily Skarbek
A recent piece by Raphaƫle Chappe discusses the uses and limitations of general equilibrium theorizing. The post is a long-read, but Chappe briefly summarizes the point when she writes: ...the theory lacks explanatory relevance, providing instead a language through which... MORE

Is TOMS Different?

Emily Skarbek
Poverty, Inc. is the title of a recent documentary created by the Acton Institute. The documentary aims to raise awareness about problems of foreign aid that undermine lasting economic development in African countries. The issue warrants attention. There are things... MORE

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