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Emily Skarbek: December 2016

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Covenants without the Sword?

Institutional Economics
Emily Skarbek
Can markets work without state regulation? The conventional wisdom suggests that this is not possible, but it turns out that trade often thrives outside of the state. There is a growing literature that demonstrates this. One of my favorite studies... MORE

Nixon's Wage and Price Controls

Public Choice Theory
Emily Skarbek
A new paper in Public Choice shows that President Richard Nixon understood the costs of wage and price controls, but implemented them to secure his re-election in 1972. Here is the abstract: In late July, 1971, Nixon reiterated his... MORE

Teaching the Minimum Wage

Economic History
Emily Skarbek
When I teach the Principles of Economics, I often note the relationship between positive analysis and normative judgments. One of my favorite ways to teach this is when we cover the minimum wage. Using Thomas Leonard's article Eugenics and Economics... MORE

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