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Garett Jones: April 2013

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The Hulk's Handshakes and Optimal Monetary Policy

Public Choice Theory
Garett Jones
The world's a complex place and we don't know a lot about how it works. To make matters worse, it's not just that we're ignorant about the world, we're ignorant about ourselves: We rarely know our own strength. Given our... MORE

Since 2008 U.S. banks have been able to earn interest on their reserves: This pins down a minimum interest rate that banks can earn: They never lend for less than that amount. For decades longer, U.S. banks have been able... MORE

Want to know how to win a gold medal in Rio in 2016? Here's a guaranteed plan to reach the top spot on the podium: 1. Qualify for an Olympic event. 2. Do better than every other competitor. That's it!... MORE

In fiction politicians can say what they really think of voters. Two examples: 1. The Onion reports Hillary Clinton's thoughts on whether she should run for President (questionable language): ...while I can't definitively say what my plans are one way... MORE

Why are apparently good workers unemployed for so long in recessions? One channel that Tyler has promoted is ZMP: Some workers are almost completely unproductive, so employers can them rather than have them eat up all the pizza on Pizza... MORE

Two public choice theories of fiscal policy: Under Starve the Beast, the spenders tell the tax-cutters, "If you get what you want, that means I can't get what I want."  It's a story of limits to budgets, limits to borrowing, limits... MORE

First things first: A hearty welcome to my new co-blogger Art Carden.To the task at hand: A while ago I wrote on how "Capital should be untaxed" should be the default view in economics: Zero capital taxation should be the... MORE

From the WSJ (h/t Tyler):The Portuguese government is considering a plan to pay public workers and pensioners one month of their salary in treasury bills rather than cash after a high court ruled out wage cuts...One way to read this... MORE

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