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James Schneider: April 2014

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Feminizing Famine

Energy, Environment, Resources
James Schneider
Recently, I've been rereading parts of Cormac Ó Gráda's Famine: A Short History. The book juxtaposes an interesting pair of facts. The first fact describes how famine is marketed (for lack of a better word): The sense that the horrors... MORE

In recent history, the UK has liberalized its rules concerning the hours that pubs can operate. For example, the Licensing Act of 1988 expanded Sunday hours and no longer required pubs to close for two and a half hours in... MORE

Not Just Horsepower but Power without Horses

Economic History
James Schneider
For awhile, I've been vaguely aware of Norman Borlaug's importance without knowing very much about him. Recently, I've read a Borlaug biography called Our Daily Bread by Noel Vietmeyer. At this point in my life, I don't have the time... MORE

Like many libertarians, I find the bet between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon to be a fascinating episode in intellectual history. However, I've always been even more interested in Ehrlich's descriptions of imminent mass starvation from The Population Bomb. By... MORE

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