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Luigi Zingales: October 2012

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Housing Bubble and Fraud

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Luigi Zingales
Preet Bharara, Manhattan's U.S. attorney, is a man on a mission. Not satisfied with the historical conviction of former McKinsey managing director Raja Gupta for insider trading, he quickly moved to investigate mortgage fraud. Earlier this month he sued Wells... MORE

As Goes Janesville

Business Economics
Luigi Zingales
Saturday I had the chance to see a screening of the much awaited documentary film As Goes Janesville ( ) by Brad Lichtenstein. The documentary follows the life of a small town (Janesville, Wisconsin, 63,479 inhabitants) as a GM plant,... MORE

BLS Data

Political Economy
Luigi Zingales
The Bureau of Labor Statistics had not finished releasing the surprisingly good September data that a number of commentators started raising doubts about the truthfulness of the data. There is no doubt that the data were a boost to President... MORE

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